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Pre Con Dinner for Special Guests

On Thursday evening September 28, 2016 at 7PM the organizing committee for this year’s Con of the Mountain hosted a dinner for special guest.  The dinner was held at the newly renovated Historic Masonic Theatre and catered by The Club Car Shop & Deli.  The pre Con dinner was held in  appreciation/thank you for those individuals who have volunteered at the various Con events. Most came from out of the area, including the Netherlands and Liverpool. Frank Metzer traveled from Wisconsin.

Darlene Burcham, CFVA Town Manager communicated great appreciation to the guest and to their dedication in promoting literacy.  Darlene stressed the importance of the event’s mission. The Con of the Mountain is an event to foster a lifelong love for reading without regard for age or current reading ability.  The town is happy to host such a wonderful mission.

Frank Mentzer addressed the crowd with fondness of the Town, Clifton Forge, VA and his commitment in supporting literacy.  Frank is an Old School gamer best known for writing five D&D rule sets (Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters, and Immortals) and other D&D products with his friend and co-author Gary Gygax.  This weekend  you have an opportunity to play in an adventure with one of the greatest Dungeon Masters of all time!

The goals of the Con are:

  • To create an event that engages the local community to actively use the library and all its resources.
  • To advocate for literacy and motivate individuals to develop a lifelong love for reading.
  • To tap into the creative spirit of all individuals and foster a creative environment.
  • To reach disaffected groups and provide a safe place for them to be embraced, learn, and grow.

Follow the link below to obtain a detailed schedule of activities and more about the Con.

Game and Program Schedules

See you at this year’s CON OF THE MOUNTAIN…

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